How I became Maia…

One fateful night, after having a few drinks with a girlfriend, I decided to send some revealing photos to one of the local agencies in Kelowna. My girlfriend had been on a website for sugar babies and it got me thinking. I could see myself in that role. Putting my phone down, after hitting submit, I pushed the thought of escorting to the back of my mind. Surely I wouldn’t be hired anyways.

I was not at all prepared for the phone call the next day. Mercedes*, one of the owners, wanted me to come in for an interview.

I remember being completely lost, looking for an agency between mechanic shops and storage spaces. I didn’t even know what to wear. I was never much of a girly girl. I had wedged heels, in my purse, that I was going to put on at the last moment. I didn’t want to trip over myself in front of the owner!

Inside the shop Mercedes greeted me with a big, friendly, smile.  She asked me a few questions, some with terms I had never heard before. GFE, BBBJ, Greek? After going over what I was comfortable with, we went down a list of names and I picked the third one I heard. Not very personal but it wasn’t my real name anyways… We toured the shop and I got a few helpful tips from one of the other girls there.  I started working almost immediately.

A few months down the road I decided to branch out and switch agencies. I wanted a fresh start with a new name. I wanted it to be able to represent me and for me to feel confident using it. I chose Maia. The spelling was really important to me. I wanted it to be spelt like the Greek goddess Gaia and I wanted it unique enough that no one else would ever have it.

Over time I grew less and less fond of the agency life. I wanted to be in charge of myself and be my own boss. I made the decision to become independent. This time keeping my name.

It has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.


*= Name changed.