My time with Maia may have been my most erotic and sensual experience yet.

She met me with a warm, tight hug followed by a long, wet, passionate kiss. She greeted me like we were lovers in a previous lifetime reunited at last. She’s a great kisser. Her lips (and tongue) feel like home.

There was none of the “getting-to-know-each-other” awkwardness that sometimes hangs in the air when meeting an SP. Maybe we did know each other in a previous life? Or maybe Maia’s just that good at putting people at ease and making them feel as desirable as she is.

She was wearing black lingerie with sexy black sheer stockings. She wore the lingerie for the duration of out time together. Imagine looking at a La Senza catalogue and being so awestruck by one of the models that you wished you could walk right onto the page and actually be with her—AND she was glad to see you. Throw in some hot passion, lust, and sensuous desire. That’s a date with Maia.

No need to go into the specific details of our encounter. Suffice it to say that it was safe GFE. Her services are clearly outlined on her website so please don’t PM we with acronyms, dollar signs, and question marks. Check out her site.

Maia is more than just beauty and sensuality. She’s also very intelligent. This is a double whammy for me as I’m hopelessly attracted to smart women. While basking in the afterglow we discussed—of all things—politics. I know—a weird post-coital topic, right? That can be a tricky subject with anyone on a good day. She’s able to articulate her thoughts and opinions in an unbiased manner that is intelligent—and super-hot!

The hour we spent together went by just like that. In the midst of our discussion about the vagaries of social media I realized that I was over my 60 minutes and excused myself for a shower. I then proceeded to knock the shower gel dispenser on the shower floor which caused a loud crash. She probably thought I was trashing the bathroom in some sort of victory ritual. I wasn’t.

I fixed the dispenser.

I think.

When I left the bathroom, Maia was sitting on the edge of the bed hugging her right leg to her shoulder smiling her gorgeous Maia-smile. The light from the bathroom was glistening off her stockings. She lightly ran her fingers up and down her nylon-sheathed leg, still smiling, as she added a few more details to the political discussion we were having before my shower. At this point I was super-turned on again, ready for another round. But all good things have to end and our time was up.

Was Maia trying to turn me on or just being naturally cute?

I so want to see and feel her again. I never got to experience her totally naked yet. As great as she looks in lingerie, I’m sure she looks even better without it. You can leave the stockings on though, Maia.

Maia’s gift is that she makes the client feel as if she wants him as much as he wants her. That is an element missing in many encounters with SPs. It is Maia’s competetive advantage.” — Figure11 on CAF

“Finally a chance with this beauty. Can’t say much that hasn’t been said about her. She was genuinely friendly, man…Amazing body, breath taking experience instant repeat! Thank you Maia Cassidy!” — Jmykee32 on CAF

“I had the most amazing time with Maia today. Truly an exceptional SP. I was very nervous meeting someone for the first time but the moment I walked in the door and seen her with that great smile, amazing figure and that giggle I was immediately at ease. Her passionate kisses will leave you wanting more and tbh I could have sat there all night listening to her talk politics. 

Booking was easy and straightforward, highly recommended!” — Spacemanspiff on CAF

“I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Cassidy on her first visit to GP. Booking was a breeze. This lady is all that she advertises she is and loves to kiss. All of the reviews I have read about her are positive and we can add this review to that column. I hope she returns to GP and I would certainly book time with her again. Thank you Maia!” — Stockhouse5 on CAF

“I had the good fortune to meet Maia during her tour up here. This is the first time meeting her and prior to booking I checked lots of her reviews & website – and I was pretty sure that I couldn’t go wrong as everything about her on caf was positive. Booking was a breeze and when she opened the door to the hotel room I was spell bound – unable to speak intelligently due to her overwhelming beauty. She mentions in her ad that she is a published model, she actually reminds me of Brittney Spears.

Anyways, she LOVES to kiss and was totally a GFE experience. It kinda reminded me of dating someone for awhile and finally being able to making a home run. She makes a person feel totally at ease and why wouldn’t you when you’re enjoying an amazing CBJ?

I hope that Maia comes back up to the Peace Country again in the near future and when she does, I won’t hesitate to see her again!” — Hotdog022 on CAF

“I had the opportunity to see Maia


She is very good looking(her pictures in her add does not do her justice), she is very friendly and has a beautiful smile which she does a lot of

Like it says in her other reviews she is a very good kisser, and loves to kiss

She gives authentic GFE experience, does not feel scripted and rehearsed

She is a very intelligent and educated lady, who can carry on an interesting conversation


Once the rest of the people find out what a sweetheart she is she’ll always be booked, and I won’t be able to see her again. Haha.” — SnidySnidy on CAF!?highlight=Maia

“Spent a lovely hour with Maia on Friday afternoon. Pretty, smart and a joy to be with. Everything you’ve read about her is accurate – great kisser and it goes from there.” — Bikeguy on CAF

“Adding to other awesome reviews on Maia! Her website is thorough with all the details I wanted, so the setup was just an exchange of couple of texts!

The moment I stepped in, a cute smile followed by what I’d describe as kissxplosion..I was instantly teleported to her world where all one can experience is raw carnal pleasure.. I don’t remember when my shoes came off, and I was pulled onto the bed to taste her, it’s a delight to see her facial expressions and all natural melons quenched the thirst from the intense heat between us!

In an another world, we enjoyed talking about various topics of our interests, clock wasn’t watched and actually I ran over my time for the very first time ever.. I reminded her and she didn’t! I couldn’t resist looking at her lips, took a break from deep conversations for deep kisses and back to conversations again!

In an another world, she rides me, facing and opposite, watching her voluptuous thick peaches, and I lay there fully exhausted, finally finishing me with a CBJ!

In an another world, I still haven’t come back to my senses!

Thank you Maia.” — Newbie123

“Hello fellow Pooners,

It has been a while writing a review but would be doing a disservice to Maia (and my fellow CAFers) by not mentioning Maia. There are many glowing reviews, so Maia already has a following, but there cant be enough said about Maia so here goes

Communication quick, clear and professional response.

I had an easy time booking my time with Maia. She was quick and clear in her communication. In my case, I knew my schedule opening up a day prior, so not sure how the same day would work but for my case, it was quick and easy to book. Maia does not communicate via CAF PMs and was clear about text being the best way.

Place: Nice enough

Saw her at a south end hotel, which was upscale.

Looks: Beautiful, tall goddess

Time together Awesome, Amazing, Fulfilling

Right from the time I walked in to the time I left; I had an amazing time. Maia was all and more that is already been said of her and what I built up in my imagination. The session felt like meeting your long distance GF who came to in to town for a short while. The initial passion when you first see each other, exploring each other bodies and the final passionate lovemaking! All in All an amazing GFE session I experienced after a long time.

Repeat? Hell, ya! duh!

Just waiting for Maia to be back to book her again.

Lastly – Thank you goddess for a lovely time. See you soon.” — Sam_dhoom on CAF!-What-can-I-say

“I often come across SPs that are all dolled up. But when I saw Maia Cassidy last week, she was in her all natural beauty. Head to toe, her hygiene still impeccable. She’s always giggling & smiling & I can tell right away she enjoys this type of work. This would be my second time that I have encountered this beauty. Texting & response always prompt. Plenty of parking downtown. I absolutely love those natural breasts of hers. Her skin is so smooth & warm. She loves to be touched. She loves dfk & enjoys daty very much. Such a delicious feast down there. Her blowjob was sloppy & wet & that’s how I like it. Her ball sucking skills are phenomenal. Pounding her in mish & dfk at the same time enlightens my sexual senses to another level. I wish the session wouldn’t end. Maia Cassidy truly is gfe material. Will definitely see her again!” — MBA460

“I took one step in the door and was treated to the sight of the most gorgeous woman dressed in an incredibly sexy yet classy LBD and heels. While I was collecting my jaw from the floor, all I heard was a cute giggle and “Hi! I’m Maia“. Not sure if I was able to respond or just fumble over some incoherent words, but we were instantly locked in a deep passionate kiss that lasted for nearly our entire time together. Damn, Maia is a good kisser! Before I knew it, we were resting side by side chatting enjoying the afterglow of a vigorous lovemaking session. I instantly felt completely comfortable with her and thoroughly enjoyed her company. After a brief respite, we were back at it kissing, touching and enjoying each other in a myriad of carnal delights of which I will save the graphic details for my mind only, sorry. It took all the remaining strength in me to tear myself away from her and back out into the cold evening.

Maia is truly an amazing, beautiful woman who absolutely enjoys herself. The whole session was by far the best time I have had to date. The entire time I was with her I kept thinking how lucky I was to be with such a beautiful, sensual woman” — clarke_kent77 on Perb

“I had a daytime date with Maia. Was a little nervous as she listed as an upscale provider and you never know what you are getting. Will it be awkward? What an experience! She met me at the door of her discrete and well laid out location. As others have noted she is a passionate kisser. It is hard to describe but erotic and mesmerizing would be 2 words that comes to mind. Almost worth the trip on its own. She is the most amazing kisser i have ever experienced in any realm and really seems to enjoy it. It felt comfortable. Her body is amazing, round, supple and firm and her face and hair a wonder–like a naughty angel. Slow and passionate foreplay lead to me worshiping her amazing ass and pussy and on and on to an incredible CBJ and I was barely able to make the main course. I decided that I definitely needed more and she was patient and fun and unhurried and damned if i didn’t repeat-which I rarely do. Small talk followed and some more kisses to ensure I would be back and I definitely will. Drove down the Whitemud smiling from ear to ear like a fool. Can’t recommend enough.” — Anonymous (Email)

“Yesterday, I had an opportunity to meet Maia. It was very ease to connect and book time with her. She has a lovely personality, beautiful smile and juicy ass. I booked for an hour and had a wonderful time with her. Nothing much to add to what others already said about Maia. Overall great experience and would definitely repeat.” — Vin111 on CAF

“Well had the opportunity to meet up with Maia yesterday afternoon. Everything that you read from her reviews is 100% correct. The hour that I had book went way to fast. She is an amazing young skillful lady. Thanks again Maia.” — Edmgoldman on CAF

Maia was one of the best SP I’ve seen so far. I booked my time with her for a HH session with her this afternoon, I wish I could’ve went longer. She greeted me in a cute and sexy schoolgirl outfit. I don’t kiss anyone but when I was with her, I lost control of myself. Her lips were very soft smelled great and damn was she good. My time with her didnt feel rushed at all. 10/10 Must see.”  — BlueDots on CAF

“I don’t usually post reviews but had to for this one. Saw Maia from LL & well, she’s amazing. From the moment that I walked in, everything was just perfect. Definitely not a clock watcher and not even close to the regular mechanical SP’s.” — AsapRocky on CAF

“I started seeing her when she used to visit from Kelowna and seen her several times after and she is a gem and the experience is out of the world. Definitely visit her you won’t be disappointed.” — Razmataz91 on CAF

“Went to see this lady, as I saw her reviews and website, so seemed legit. When I got to meet her she is gorgeous. A smile that lights up a room like a movie star. She loves to DFK. So all you guys that are looking for that, don’t have to look further. She had a smoking body. Like one of the prettiest kitties you could see on a porn star. And that ass, my word. Your getting a good experience that wasn’t rushed. Her location was also very discrete. Overall well worth the money!”  — Whopoatmus on CAF

“I felt comfortable with her for the whole session, the best DFK I have ever had with [an] SP. She is very enthusiastic and wants you to feel satisfied, nice girl, beautiful, clean with no signs of drug use, safe.”  — jRUDE on Perb

“If you are a guy that must have giant breasts….well she isn’t for you.

But if you are like me and prefer a lady who is a true sweetheart, then go see her.
From the great, and I do mean great deep and passionate kiss from the very first second upon arrival.
To her amazing slappable and squeezable ass…she is the queen of pleasing.
She rides great, or roll her over and be on top, just fun no matter.
In between time one and time two she was super nice and interesting to chat with. Her eyes are beautiful as is her soul!
Did I mention that she can kiss better than maybe any other lady on the planet.
I could have just spent the time kissing her and been happy.”  –Kamloopsbc on Perb

“One of the best girls I have ever been with! She’s a wonderful kisser and just overall extremely pretty and great at pleasing a man.”  — Jabrolter83 on Perb

“I have seen Maia several times and they have all been great. She is a real star. Treat her well if you see her.”   — KMan on Perb

“From the moment she walked around the corner I was head over heels for her, she had the full package, gorgeous, an amazing smile that will haunt your dreams (In a good way of course!) and a attitude that will bring you back countless times! She will be very difficult to get out of your head… Trust me on that…

Repeat: Always Yes!” — Aerosal on BCAF

Maia (formerly known as Kendal) She’s absolutely gorgeous: figure, breasts, face and kitty. Maia is very skilled, especially at oral and DFK. She’s also easy to chat and connect with (anyone who’s seen her knows what I’m talking about). Doesn’t rush at all. She’s one of the best and I would love to repeat.”  — Artemis Entreri on BCAF

“Awesome! One of the best sexual experiences of my life, SP or not.” — 1986er on BCAF

Maia led me up to a bedroom and started kissing, DFK. No chatting, no awkwardness, just some of the most passionate DFK I’ve experienced. What followed was one of the most enjoyable encounters I’ve had. No conversations or small talk, just kissing, sucking & fucking. And when we were done, even though it was well past the hour, she cuddled in and said all the right things. Without a doubt, the most intimate time I’ve spent with a provider, and easily the best GFE I’ve had.

Repeat?…….Obviously” — Randomlife on BCAF

“Hands down the best GFE I have ever had !” — Neocaf on BCAF

“I met with Maia this morning and I have to agree with the others. She was amazing. Beautiful young lady that took my breath away. Beautiful, passionate, best kisser (ever!), but most of all, just a nice person.You would be lucky to meet this young lady.” — Lookingforfun on BCAF

“Let me tell you [Maia] certainly loves the GFE part of her interaction with me. WOW can she kiss and really enjoys it as well. She entered the room and wham she hugs me and she starts her deep kissing all the while I’m squeezing her buttocks. Than down to some wonderful DATY and CBJ. Than she bends her miraculous body into a position that would hurt me, to do some BLS. WOW that was awesome!! We finished with me on top. We chatted a bit and I showered and left fulfilled with great feelings and smiles. Her stats are a little misleading, I think she was more like 6 feet or so or maybe it was the 6 inch stilettos she was wearing. Anyways she towered over me. Great loved it. Her pictures are very accurate. Her service was great, her attitude was great and her personality was pretty good, maybe next time it’ll shine a little bit more. I will probably repeat in the future. Thanks again [Maia] for the great time.” — Ezioauditore on BCAdultFun

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