I’ve moved to America

I’ve moved to the New England region of the U.S.A. from Canada. 🥳🇺🇲

At the behest of my lawyer, I must clarify –with accordance to U.S law– that my reviews should never be misconstrued as payment for sexual services. I have always charged for time, not services rendered, even in Canada.

Any reviews should be taken as two consenting adults engaging in enjoyment of company together.

Please understand that I will never guarantee any specific service and asking will result in a permanent ban.

Any potential client will need to be screened. Please supply: LinkedIn profile, valid phone number (no text apps or cyber numbers) , and a photo of yourself holding up your ID. (Covering up the street name & number is permissible.)

Proper Booking Etiquette

To ensure no time is wasted between us, I’ve comprised a proper booking template so you can contact me with ease.

 Hi, my name is [ Name ]. I was hoping to book an appointment at [ Time of Appointment] for [ Duration of Appointment ] on the [ Date of Appointment]. Thanks.* 

*Feel free to copy and paste this when you text  & to add any special requests (or questions) at the end.

Change in Scheduling



These last few months have been a struggle for me. My scheduling with school, modeling, and providing service — all while in the process of moving to Edmonton & selling my house — has put me in a place of discontent.

In effort to maintain some normalcy to my life I will be providing the following as my new schedule. Effective immediately.

Monday – Friday     10 am – 630 pm* INCALL

Saturday – Sunday             OFF*


There will be weekend I will be OUT OF TOWN which will be posted on my availability calendar, as always, it will be updated as soon as I know of any changes. I will also not be advertising on days I’m not available.


I thank everyone for their continued patience.


*  = I will be available for select bookings, outside of my regular hours, with ADVANCED notice & at my discretion.

XOX, Maia




Cancelled Trip


Unfortunately with my excessive travelling there’s regular wear to my vehicle.

All of the mechanic shops have been beyond busy this winter so I’ve been left with no choice but to leave my car in the shop this weekend and stay local.

I hope to make it back to Alberta in the next few weeks.

I’ll be updating my calendar at the end of the month.

XOX, Maia

New Photos Coming Soon


As some of you may know, I’ve been very busy lately.

There will be a couple of changes to my website along with some professional photographs that I will be using.

I have received a few requests to create social media platforms which hopefully I will have up and running by January.

I thank everyone for their continued patience.

XOX, Maia